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Translate 그냥 있어 to english

I translated it to “nothing” or “Doing nothing” but not sure if that the right way to translate it, anyone knows?




YES.YES.YES. People need to realise this 

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After all your weird anons, perhaps a serious question would be nice…I apologize for the length.

I’m currently teaching an after-school class to prep some high-level high school boys for the ban ki moon contest. The second round is a speech and a written essay. We’re having BIG issues with the essay because apparently the western style of essay writing is completely different from Korean style.

Could you please explain how Koreans in high school/university/beyond write formal essays? Back home we learn the basic format: thesis, body paragraphs with topic sentences (body paragraphs contain examples and support for all claims), and a conclusion.

In academic settings we also must cite our work in an attached bibliography. For this ban ki moon class, the essays are mostly personal responses, so no works cited is necessary—but concepts like thesis and topic sentences and “providing examples” are totally new and foreign to my students.

What are Korean students taught?! Is there a style they must follow? Is it standard for formal vs. informal writing? What are they even doing in 국어 class??

In my country we wrote essays constantly from late elementary school all the way to university. In some uni courses, I would have to write two or three essays a week. My co-teacher said she wrote maybe two in all of her university years. Why?

Thank you very much!


No problem. I know what you said and understand your issues with the essay. First of all, basically all curriculum of Korean, 국어, from elementary to high school are consist of reading, speaking, and writing but All students and teachers have just been immersed in reading and comprehension because speaking and writing are nothing to do with College Scholastic Ability Test, 수능. So most of students’ experience of writing would be just keeping a picture diary or a diary as a homework
when they were elementary kids and writing some book report home works.

Secondly, Nobody give a 10 won about how to write a academic essay or a thesis apart from some college kids would like to be a scholar or a prof. in university these days because universities turned into kinda job training centers a long time ago and writing a academic essay or a thesis is also nothing to do with getting a good job. You never know how much horrible these days college kids’ ability of writing essay is.

Most of all, you should figure out which style of writing they want in the ban ki moon contest, something close to personal rambling or a formal essay. If they want something close to personal rambling, your teaching will be relatively easy but if they want a formal essay, your teaching will be pain in the ass for both you and your students. Probably they would never have written a formal essay even in Korean, but you should teach them how to write it in English. The bright side of it would be that your lesson would be a precious asset to them for their life, and they would never forget you for their rest of life.

lobotronic bap-mashiya Since I am a university student here I thought I give my 2 cents. Basically what they thaught me here was exactly as you described in your question, and korean and foreign professors both require me to use the same format.

OMG the boyfriend makes this face! like Always!

OMG the boyfriend makes this face! like Always!

Welcome to crappy French part 1


Mes parents son plus importants que mes amis.

J’aprouve la these parce que je croix que le liens parentaux sont durable et le lien famiale et plus fort que le lien amicable. Et avec mes parents je parle de chose important et mes parents mont donne certain valeurs sur la vie. L’amite est passage.

Je disapprove la these. A mon avis l’amité est durable. Avec mes parents je parle de chose important et le lien famiale est plus fort que le lien amicable parce je chosir mes amis mais je ne choisir pas met parents. Et avec mes amis je parle de sorti de musique de l’amour et les memes interets.

Au lycée j’ai appris beaucoup de choses utiles et on m’a prépare très bien aux études universitaires.

J’aprove la these parce que mon lycée me preparee pour l’univerisité. Je suis une personne plus independent. Je apprendre plus de qualifications par example faire des dossiers et travaille ensemble. On est bien guide.

Je disaprove la these parce que mon lycée ne apprendre pas le qualifications j’ai besoin de universite. Et outre je ne suis pas une personne independant. Je depende plus on les profeseurs. On n’est pas bien guide.

Un fille ne peut pas avoir un garçon comme meilleur ami.

J’aprove la these parce que les garçon et les filles ne avons pas les memes interets. Et c’est possible de tombe en amour avec sa ami.

Je disaprove la these parce que un fille peut avoir un garçon comme meilleur ami. J’ai vu qu’ill est possible d’avoir un garçon comme meilleur ami.

Tout est pardonnable dans l’amitié.

J’aprove la these parce que le lien amicale est plus fort.

Je disaprove la these parce que ça ne sert a rien, rien est pardonnable dans l’amitié le lien amicale n’est pas plus fort. ils ne peuvent pas te faire de mal.

Je ne peux pas etre amie avec quelqu’un de caractere opposé.

Je disapprove la these parce que je suis d’avis que on n pas un sujet de conservation. Et je croix que des persons avec caracteres oppose entrent en collision. Et je croix que un personne d’un caractere oppose a d’autre interest.

J’aprove la these parce que personnes avec caracteres oppose sont complementaires. On se heurte  et l’amite se termine en une quérelle.

Il y a trop peu d’options a notre lycée.

Je dissaprove la these parce que il y a assez de option. Et il y a tres difficile de choisir une section parce que trop chose. Et les options a notre lycee c’est comparable après mes projet d’avenir.

Je approve la these parce que les options a notre lycee c’est ne pa comparable après mon projet d’avenir.  Quelques sujet manqué par example chinois et la philosophie.

somebody help me, please?

How did I write this, I don’t even understand anymore. forgot all my French

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the complete set of posters, made by students at New College of Florida. 

Hey everyone—these were made by New College students last orientation (2013) to passively teach about consent on campus. 

Now that these are all over the interwebs, please “like” New College’s new sexual violence resource center, the SHARE Resource Center. SHARE stands for Sexual Health and Relationship Education—all of our future sexual violence prevention education programming will be coming out of here! Once the center opens, it will be open 24/7 and be available as a resource center for those in crisis, for their friends, and to learn about being an active bystander. 

Everyone should understand this.

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A 23 year old girl/woman telling you about her life Seoul.

I had my first bite of Korean culture and hot k-guys in 2010. Then after I began studying Koreastudies in my country of origin I returned in the summer of 2011 to attend the International Summer Semester at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. After 2 months filled with different kinds of adventure I went back home for a long 5 months before returning to Korea in January 2012. This time I studied at the language Instititue of Sookmyung Womens University until July 2012 but I decided to stay until the 9th of August. I went back home, crying my eyes out because I left my life behind.
But here I am, back in Seoul, living my life. I am a freshman at Hanyang University majoring in International Studies and I love every single bit of it.

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